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We proudly offer top quality manufactured acrylic tub & shower bathroom systems from BCI Acrylics & BellaStone.


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5 Reasons You Should Consider Acrylic in Your Bathroom Remodel

As experts and professionals in the bathroom and kitchen remodeling industry, we think it’s of the utmost importance that we stay on top of remodeling trends and industry standards. We have seen a growing trend over the last few years in acrylic remodeling materials that very few people know about. We are shocked at how many of our clients are unaware of the miraculous updates and options that acrylic has made, and that it is now the choice bathroom remodeling material in modern homes and high end bathroom fixtures. Acrylic isn’t just for tub liners anymore, almost every tub and shower you see now is actually acrylic and you just aren’t aware!


Why Acrylic?

  1. Variety

Acrylic comes in every shape and size, as a material it is versatile and moldable, this means tubs made of acrylic can come in any shape or size that you desire. So from large spa-like bathrooms to small powder rooms, you’ll find acrylic hiding there.

    2. ​Easy Cleaning

Acrylic bathtubs are naturally luster and are non-staining and non-fading. The finish isn’t porous, making it easy to clean.

    3. It is resistant to everything

Acrylic is chemically inert and is immune to chemicals. Nearly all outdoor spas are made from acrylic because it withstands ultra violet rays, aggressive temperatures, and harsh natural elements.

    4. Affordable

Gone are the days of thinking of acrylic as a low end material. Now you’ll find high end standalone bathtubs and showers that look just like porcelain that are actually acrylic. While we view it now as a high end material, it is still shockingly affordable, making it an excellent material for remodels of all kinds.

   5.It’s the Healthy Option

Because of it’s non-porous qualities and resistance to chemicals and the like, acrylic is sterile for medical purposes. For those who need to take salt baths and soak in a tub for medical reasons, acrylic is the way to go. For example, the salt bath won’t damage the tub, the water stays warmer longer in an acrylic tub, and the tub material will not change the chemical compounds of the salt itself.

So while you're considering a bathroom remodel and think that acrylic is the lower end building material, think again! Let us explain and show you how the bathroom industry has revolutionized the way we think of acrylic. Contact us for questions or to set up a free estimate.

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